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A storied restaurant that wrote history.

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Johannes Baur, the founder of the Savoy Baur en Ville, acquired the property of the former Fraumünster clergy house in 1836. This is where the Ristorante Orsini is located today. Initially, the building was occupied by the Ziesing-Baur family.

Later, it accommodated the legendary Café Baur. Apart from academics and artists such as Richard Wagner, Alfred Escher, and Gottfried Keller, it was frequented by revolutionaries from many countries, among them R. Felice Conte Orsini and his entourage.

During his entire life, the Count struggled to unify Italy and in 1858 unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Napoleon III in Paris. Napoleon survived, but Count Orsini didn’t – and his Zürich friends thereupon renamed the locale “Orsini” in his honour.

A major renovation followed in the mid-1970s: a typical Italian restaurant with Ticino accents. The Café Baur was officially transformed into the Restaurant Orsini, and the wrought-iron gate was classified as a historic landmark. It welcomes our guests to this very day.

Around the turn of the century, the restaurant and its façade were restored, with extra emphasis on Italianità and in reverence to the Orsini family with its landholdings in Tuscany and Umbria. The richly saturated red of the poppy blossom was themed for the exclusive manually crafted pictures and the carpet.

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