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Our Orsini team up front and backstage.

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Our guests are enthusiastic about Signor Natale Morana and his team. With Italian charm, they elevate service to a new level.

Over 30 years Chef Rolf Laible and his brigade have been creating lasting culinary impressions and epicurean delights for our guests.

Since August 1st, 2020 our new Executive Chef Patrick Senn takes over this tradition with fresh creativity.

Our cuisine and service are deemed worthy of 14 GaultMillau points and a special commendation by the Guide Michelin.

Guests from all over the world appreciate the ratings that rank us among the finest Italian restaurants in Zürich. 365 days a year.

Authenticity is our success recipe: Not only are Natale Morana and his team from Italy, many members of Patrick Senn’s kitchen brigade are Italians at heart as well. The team’s passion is also reflected in loyalty and long years of service to the guests of the Ristorante Orsini – una vera Famiglia Orsini.